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what is an Eori number AND WHEN DO YOU NEED TO HAVE ONE ?

When goods are shipped from a third country outside the European Union to be delivered to customers in a EU member State under DDP terms (Delivery Duty Paid), the supplier bears all landed costs, including transportation charges, import VAT and duties levied on the goods by the customs authorities.

The customs clearance gives rise to import VAT and duties in the EU member State where the goods are imported.

To be able to import goods into the European Union the supplier must obtain an EORI number delivered by the customs authorities of the first EU member State where imports are made.

Therefore, a company will only have one single EORI number that can be used for importing goods in all the EU member States.

WHAT IS THE Information requiRED To OBTAIN AN eori NUMBER?

  • activity of the company;
  • creation date;
  • workforce in France, or abroad;
  • name, address, phone number;
  • turnover in France, or abroad.

what is the time limit for obtaining an EORI number by the french tax authorities ?

Within a day.


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